Client Success Stories

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Client Success Stories

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Relentless Execution

Businesses are dealing with unusually low unemployment rates. It’s an employee’s job market and smart business owners are looking at every avenue to entice new employees.  Here is an example of how Orbis’ execution benefited a client.

Due to the unprecedented job market, a professional landscaping company with a primary emphasis on its commercial division and exclusive residential communities was experiencing sizable gaps in their skilled labor workforce. This extraordinary event made it difficult to reach and service their customers, ultimately funneling business to their competition.

During a routine engagement call with Orbis, the general manager shared interest in the H-2B certification process, a program that allows U.S. employers to fill temporary nonagricultural jobs with nonimmigrant workers. Additionally, he announced his engagement with a local law firm to assist with the process. Orbis acknowledged the courageous plunge and daunting steps needed to accomplish certification. Reiterating their commitment to driving the processes, Orbis suggested they reach out if they ran into hiccups.

After two attorneys and failed attempts to achieve H-2B certification, Orbis was called to action. Orbis congratulated the general manager for his tenacity. We understood the time, energy, and effort it took to get this far with a certification only to fall short. Although there was no guarantee the company would be chosen in the H2B lottery, Orbis was determined to give them the opportunity by ensuring they had a qualified submission.

Orbis began executing the plan immediately. First, we gathered all necessary data and submitted the lengthy application with client lists, revenue reports, pay structures, customer data, job descriptions, weather data, and proof of seasonality. Second, we drafted the narrative that provided the history, background, and reasons supporting the application and certification process.  Third, we provided details on the recruiting and screening process for applicants that were quantifiable and qualifiable.  After 90 days of submitting and revising the application, the landscaping company earned the right to enter the lottery for H-2B certification.  50 H-2B visas were granted to the company shortly thereafter.

The real challenge loomed once certification was approved. With relentless execution, Orbis was able to coordinate and negotiate vendors to manage the following for incoming workers: reasonable transportation to and from Mexico, competitive pay rates, reasonable cost share for living expenses, affordable housing, food stipends, and technology accommodations.

Through many bumps and turns of the H-2B journey, it ended successfully. Over 50 people were hired through the process.  With the influx of experienced employees, the landscaping company was equipped with trained talent to continue to expand their client base and ultimately improve customer service and profitability.

We’re in this Together!

Building the right team, retaining top talent, and implementing operational procedures is critical for success, no matter the industry. Innovative businesses understand that these elements are  essential for long-term growth. The challenge is managing it all! Orbis has proved to be a strategic partner to our clients. Here’s a prime example.

Growing rapidly with multiple locations, a fourth generation, family-owned and operated senior living company, was unwilling to compromise on quality of care. In fact, service to families and their loved one’s has always been top priority. However, with significant growth, they were facing employee challenges that could no longer be ignored. They needed a valued partner to remove traditional management obstacles and implement standardization.

The executive team reached out to President and Chief HR Strategist, Amy Wentrack, and explained their situation in detail. Having worked with this client in a previous engagement, she knew their core values and the passion behind them. She pledged to walk the journey with them and had a plan to execute standardization.

Behind Amy’s leadership, the Orbis team dug right in. It was critical to learn industry specific language, work flow and care standards.  Orbis even embraced licensing struggles intimately. After countless hours of hard work, the Orbis team was able to help the company to standardize the following:

  • Wage and employment
  • Benefit processes
  • Electronic onboarding and employee files
  • Employee review process
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Operational flexibilities

With years of trust and a positive partnership, the Orbis team helped change the way this client operated and thought about their business. They now operate as a large company, not several smaller companies with common ownership.  The vision shifted and both Orbis and our client look at the way they operate differently.  Orbis is proud to contribute to the significant success and can quantify extremely low turnover, low workers compensation claims, increased employee engagement, but most importantly, wonderful care to their residents and families they serve. In fact, their care claims are dramatically below the industry average.

The Orbis team is here for every bump and turn during the entrepreneurial journey. We’re in this together!

Orbis helped our company through the H2B certification process. It was a long and detailed process and we really needed their ability to track and report the details necessary for a successful submission. Being H2B certified has given our company the flexibility to meet our tremendous growth opportunities.

– Art D.

I appreciate the support I have gotten from Orbis as my business has grown.  I especially like the strategy around the employee benefit plans and how I can use benefits to attract and retain employees.

– Mark M.

You have been an excellent business partner and we wouldn’t be in the enviable situation without your team’s support.  Thank you for your help.

– Tim L.

I appreciate that Orbis stays focused on making sure our policies and practices are consistent across multiple locations. With over 850 employees I need to be sure that we achieve maximum efficiencies without losing the personal touch that our employees’ value. With Orbis I get the best of both worlds. Heritage Property Management has worked with Orbis for over 20 years now, and we appreciate their services.

– Lauren G.